Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things I found on the Internet

So, if you go to, and click "create", you can troll through a plethora of products and create a little collage, not unlike what you see in various magazines, of "things that go together with this theme, so you feel incited to buy.  I of course just spent a whole lot of time going "ooh, I could put together a steampunk collage!", full of expensive things I will likely never buy for myself, but would go well on a character. Or will go well on me, when I make my first million. I can't make the top in the upper right go away but, well, c'est las vie.

What I was really looking for, when I found Polyvore? Writing blogs to read and comment on. Ah well.

Black corset top
£21 -

Kelly Ewing gold top
$243 -

Black waistcoat

Knee length black skirt
$90 -

Balmain shoes
$1,875 -

Miss Selfridge burgundy leather handbag
£45 -

Brass jewelry
$497 -

Linea Pelle wrap jewelry
$62 -

FOSSIL stone jewelry
$42 -

Metal necklace
€44 -

Fossil jewelry
$32 -

Crystal jewelry
$27 -

Ann Demeulemeester long glove
$1,051 -

Liberty London printed silk scarve
£135 -

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