Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doberman Assistance Network Flower Power Fundraiser 2012

It's March, and that means spring is around the corner, right? 

(Though you wouldn't know it from the snow we've gotten in the past two days!)

Springtime means flowers, and if you plant flowers, you can help Dobermans!

(not my picture. From DAN web site)

The Doberman Assistance Network is again having a Flower Power Fundraiser. Fully half the cost of each purchase goes to helping Dobermans in need, across the country. This fundraiser is until April 27, with a goal amount of $1000. A small price to pay, for all the Dobermans this organization helps!

So, why help DAN instead of a local shelter, or a specific rescue? Well, by all means, donate to your local shelters and rescues. But, from their site, this is how DAN works:

"When we find a Doberman in need, we assign a "caseworker" to gather all the information about the Doberman(s) and make arrangements to mave the dog to safety as soon as possible. Then a trusted rescue or foster for the dog is located and transportation is arranged if necessary. A team 'of "transporters" is sometimes assembled for long moves.

We work with rescues in several states to include: FL, GA, SC, NC, PA, OH, IL, MI, MO, TX, LA, CO, and CA. We are constantly in awe of the amazing work the rescues do and work closely with them to ensure that the previous Dobermans who come to our attention get the help they need."

Looking at the Doberman Assistance Network Flower Power Fundraising catalog, I also notice that you can get strawberries! Even if you don't plant flowers (I don't), you can get strawberries and even start them in the house, to be heralds of spring for you (and have tast berries. And maybe make freezer jam. Or baked goods. I know a lot of you bake!)

So, check it out. Tell your friends. Crosspost and retweet and corner your coworkers. The Dobermans thank you!

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