Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Hard to Write For Writers

This blog serves several purposes. Or is meant to.

I'd love to build a community, here online, with other writers. People I can talk with and call my Internet friends. People who have goals of publication (or are already published) and things like that. I'd love to be entertaining. I'd love to have visitors. Blogging is a means of getting attention, and that is a fact. Unless you're a nihilist blogger, Lebowski, and then you care about nothing.

That isn't so hard, right?


Blogging with other writers in mind is a little like writing a cover letter: "Dear My Future Boss: Enclosed you'll find my resume, otherwise known as my list of Awesome Things I've done. If you hire me, I'll do Awesome Things for you, so Awesome that we'll write an epic like unto Gilgamesh. You can call these people to listen about how great I am. Because I really am. We'll make so much money together! Kisses! Me." (translated from "how to kiss ass and get hired", a book which has not been written as such, but if you'd like to, I only require a very small flat fee from your royalties).

Blogging with readers who are not writers in mind is a little easier. To people who are non writers, writing is frequently this mystical Thing that happens, perhaps only to tortured minds. Writing is the only way to settle our demons and stay sane and keep our heads out of the oven (sorry, Sexton and Plath). Writing is alchemy, in which thoughts become words that transport others to faraway lands. So yeah, no pressure there either.

Have you ever noticed the motif in novels-written-as-diaries, complete with dates, where occasionally there will be a skip and then the narrator is all "OMG, it's been so long since I've written, diary! I have so much to tell you!" I think even Go Ask Alice used it. I do not intend to use that. If I don't blog for awhile, I might not, but I'm not going to repeat, ad nauseum, how remiss I've been. Check the dog blog if you're worried about me; for some reason, that's easier and far less stiff and dry. Part of that is because I'm using pictures of Elka; I in fact hate doing the whole "find a public domain picture to fit with my blog post" thing, but I don't have a plethora of pictures I've taken myself that fit the bill, necessarily. For instance, this post? I was like, "Yeah, magic carpet. And went to the Google and searched 'magic carpet public domain'", because there's a public domain picture of nearly everything, and also because I don't want to get sued for using Disney's magic carpet or whatever. Or a picture of the Dude's carpet.

The fact that I have to sometimes stop what I'm writing in order to blog instead (yes, blogging is writing, just so) sometimes makes me not blog. Because I really like writing this book that's coming out of my head. I've been working on it a lot. Urban fantasy, if you're curious and yes, with werewolves. No romance. It irritates me that people make "Urban Fantasy" and "Supernatural Romance" the same thing. It isn't. I'm not writing about werewolf sex.

So, I blog because I want to, but also to try to impress upon people who I am and what my capabilities are. This blog is one big, occasionally profane, cover letter. I try to think about what I want when I read a writer's blog. I don't read Neil Gaiman's blog because I want to know about process, so that I can use his means of opening the Magic Story Box up in Heaven and make a pile of money too. I have my own process, though clearly I haven't found quite the golden key yet. And you really should read Neil Gaiman's blog, because he's funny and genuine and interesting, and does things like rescue German Shepherds from the side of the road and keep bees. I read George R. R. Martin's blog because he's been in the industry for a long time, and also because I want to know when the next friggin' book is coming out. I bemoan his profound interest in football. Oh, but be warned, it isn't really a blog, by author admission.

Anyway. I hope you come back. I hope you read. It'd be cool to get a comment once in awhile. I hope to be profound and interesting and randomly funny, as that's frequently the best kind.


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