Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conversation with my fiancé

Setting: I've just gone in the kitchen and picked up a Boston Creme doughnut. The chocolate on top was melty and my thumb sank in it. My fiancé came up and hugged me from behind. 

Me: I need to get a plate. My chocolate is melty.
Him: Look to your left. You can use the plate I just got done with.
Me: No, there's chocolate on that plate. I don't want chocolate on the bottom of my doughnut.

He lets me go, I get a plate and set my doughnut on it. When I turn around, he steps back from the doughnut box.

Him: Take your pick.
Me: I already have one.
He picks one and then looks at my plate. 
Him: You freak! God forbid you get chocolate on your chocolate covered donut!
Me: There's only chocolate on top. Not the bottom.
I show him.
Him: That's still weird! Does it matter where the peanut butter and jelly are on your sandwiches too? Does the peanut butter need to be on the bottom?
Me: No. That's just weird.


  1. Actually the peanut butter DOES have to be on the bottom. Any other sandwich configuration is blasphemy.

    1. I've tried to just "naturally" make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since this conversation and see which way I configured it once done. It would seem that I do in fact put the peanut butter on the bottom, every time.