Friday, September 28, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012: choices

Every year, as it gets into October, I try to think about NaNoWriMo and what my goals will be. I mean, other than the 50k.

What novel do I want to write this year?

It's rare that I can spend an entire month planning a novel without writing it. I've discussed before that it's not my thing. Once I start planning, the words as I feel they should appear on the page start appearing in my mind, and if I don't write that down, well, I feel like I've lost it.

My friend Kelly thinks I should write a Jesus Detective Agency novel. Funny as that is to talk about on Facebook, in the way that Kelly and I do, I don't think that one will carry me through an entire novel.

I've got another Steampunk novel in mind, probably London based rather than my usual South Africa, with the bit of technology that I have in mind. Though last year when I wrote Zombie Safari for my NaNoWriMo, I felt really bogged down halfway through, and though I reached 50,000 words, the novel isn't finished. I haven't opened that file since, even, which is probably a shame. Or maybe not.

I'm probably about 2/3 of the way through the werewolf novel that I started writing in March. I haven't worked on it the whole way through; I've taken several breaks, read through a couple of times, edited, let it sit, etc. Not the most productive, certainly. But I like it. When I read through and come to where I left off, I go "Wait, what happens next?!" and then realize that I'm asking myself the question. It's my book, not one that I got off of a shelf. If I finish that first draft by November, maybe I'll write a sequel. I've got the title in mind, anyway. That kind of a thing is a rarity for me.  Werewolf 2, Electric Boogaloo (not the real title) is a distinct option.

So, three choices, though one is a non-choice (sorry Kelly). That is of course barring other inspirations in the night or what have you, a lightning bolt of a novel that cries out to be written, damn the costs.

Maybe this is too early? No idea. Are you thinking about NaNoWriMo  yet?



    I don't think Jesus would want 50k words. that would be hard. UNLESS it was a series of stories. Like Jeeves and Wooster. With Huge Laurie as Jesus. And Stephen Fry as.... ummm Jesus's sidekick?

    I think I may have just offended the world right now....

    1. Of course you get your own tag! You've earned it ;)

      I'm not sure Jesus had any one sidekick. Plus, if anybody was going to write a series of Jesus stories...they would probably just give up and tell people to read the New Testament. Just sayin'