Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNoWriMo, day 2

No, I'm probably not going to be industrious to keep a day by day NaNo report going on up in here.

But, I am writing. I was at 4551 words when I laid it to rest last night. I haven't gotten things moving yet today, but the files are open (the actual novel file, and the "notes" file).

I'm writing a sequel, which I've never seriously done before (the fantasy novel I wrote in high school was mostly a sequel, but doesn't count. The initial novel was so short as to be a short story that the whole thing was just kind of a handwritten word glom with a glacially paced storyline that I'm still trying to condense in my head, that I might reuse it in a sleeker and more appreciable way). It's interesting to think about sometimes, sequels. How much do I recap? Do I not recap, on the assumption that any reader would have read Learn to Howl before they pick up The Wolf You Feed? I'm on that fine line of referencing the previous novel's goings-on in a coherent manner, but still only briefly.

Either way, I'm sure future revisions will straighten things out. Now isn't the time to worry about revising, and editing; now is the time to write!

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