Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NaNoWriMo: In the Home Stretch

I broke 50k words on Sunday. At the time of this blog, I have 51, 374 words (soon to grow larger, hopefully). I haven't validated my novel yet, though. The story isn't over, and I want to know how much of it I can shovel out of my head by the end of November 30.

I did, however, already purchase my winner's t-shirt.

So, what hath November wrought?

Well,  first off, outlining is all well and good, but sometimes when you're writing, you have better ideas than what you originally outlined. And then you go from there. I've had three or more chapters that I didn't have outlined ahead of time, because the originally outlined chapters no longer made sense. I had a "So, what was the reason behind that?" breakthrough, learning the answer as my characters did. I also wondered why I didn't think of it sooner; they're still shocked.

So, after The Wolf You Feed is finished, I'll be going back to read/edit Learn to Howl. I've looked at it a couple of times, mostly to get details of certain things correct in the sequel, but I've done no editing just yet. Hopefully that will go smoothly; as it stands, I can't think of anything glaring that I need to add or subtract. And then I'll start the dubious process of forming the query letter, and formulate  a lists of agents to query.

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