Saturday, December 1, 2012

Putting Yourself in their Shoes (or head) ~ Schizophrenia

On the Absolute Write forum, somebody listened to this audio representation of Auditory Hallucinations.

From the video description:

This is designed to provide the listener with some understanding of what it might be like to experience auditory hallucinations. Content in this presentation is based on things our clients tell us they hear through my experience as a mental health outreach worker.

It's a hard thing to listen to, and it's only 3:38 long. I'm not a mental health outreach worker (though I was a respite worker for a year out of college, for an individual with Asperger's Syndrome. I took him to his college classes, and he could certainly be considered "high functioning". Even so, I am not well suited for that work.) I am a writer, and a gamer, and am frequently putting myself in the head and shoes of a character. In The Curse of Imagination, I talked about how that kind of visceral imagining can be pretty bad, when you hear those bad news stories. I won't presume to call myself "plagued" by these things (really, the things I'm plagued by are migraines and stupid people), but hopefully I can learn to have more empathy for people when I deal with them. I don't know what's in their heads at the moment they're dealing with me. It could be this.

I sure hope not. It would be horrible to wish on somebody.

This one has a visual component as well


  1. Yikes! The first one was especially disturbing. My sister suffers from this, and she's explained to me a few times what she hears, and what the voices say to her. This is very similar to what she's told me.

    1. That definitely makes the videos more chilling. I'm glad that they were able to respectfully get that level of authenticity; it must have been very difficult.

      I can't imagine dealing with walking around every day...heck, waking up every day...and having my brain doing this to me. That takes a lot.