Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And humble too

I was watching a somewhat recent episode of Supernatural, and in watching the introduction, said SPOILERS "I'll bet this episode is about the golem." SPOILERS. I was right. So then I said "I'm so smart!"

My fiancé, from the next room, said "And humble, too!"

I thought about it for a moment. I even paused the show (oh, Internet, how I love thee!). Then I said (paraphrased, as this was a couple of weeks ago) "Why should I be? If I know about something, should I pretend I don't? What's wrong with being happy about being smart and/or knowing something?"

I mean, I get it. Bragging isn't cool. And I wasn't mad at my fiancé, certainly, just bemused.

Recently, I've been witness to a fair bit of drama on a Doberman message board (yeah, that's right. Doberman drama. Ugh.) and on the Facebook group associated with it. I was amazed, and dismayed, to see a particular member castigated because 1. she posts unsolicited advice and 2. has a high IQ. If you're posting on a public board on the Internet, you get what you get. Advice, abuse, memes about llamas, pictures of ducks, whatever. That's the way it is. But to be mad at somebody for being smart? Seriously? "Your grammar is better than mine so I hate you?" I don't get that. "How can you possibly know stuff about all these things?" I don't get that either. You don't know how old this member is. You don't know what they went to school for. Shut your hole.

I don't get people being mad at others for knowing things. I can see being frustrated at not knowing where the conversation is. I've been there myself, having voluntarily removed myself from the World of Warcraft playing world. I just didn't care about it anymore. Of course, my fiancé and many other friends are in a guild together, and other friends are in yet another guild, and they're all raiding, and there are all kinds of patches and updates and a new expansion....and I just go to a different place in my head. Because I'm a writer and I can do that. And because I'm just one person; there are times I've shut down a conversation because I didn't care, but that's really not fair to everybody else. I've also cautioned people to "keep their WoW out of my D&D!". But it's still a common ground; we still all mostly know the terminology.

I can be a know-it-all, I know. There are times I stomp over somebody conversationally, and it's not even on purpose. I just get so excited sometimes with the fact that I know the answer (like, "Oh me! Me! Pick me!") Or this thing is so cool I need to say it too. Right now. It's something I need to work on, the interrupting. I don't do it because I think I know better (well, not all the time. Sometimes I interrupt if I feel somebody is saying information that is patently false). Sometimes I just do it because there's something about that little drawbridge that's supposed to keep the words in and let other people take their turn that's broken in my head, and I need to fix it. Stem the tide, if you want to mix metaphors.


  1. I agree. Being humble doesn't mean you don't acknowledge your own accomplishments and never feel proud of yourself. It's just means you're not cocky and arrogant about it. There's never anything wrong with thinking you're great. ^_^

    1. Sometimes, it's necessary to be your own strongest supporter! ;)

      I do try not to be absolutely arrogant; cocky, I am sometimes,just because I'm so damn pleased. It's hard to avoid.