Monday, March 4, 2013

Animals Are Freaking Weird

I already knew my Doberman, Elka, was kind of weird. Or I thought so, anyway. She'll back up to the couch and sit on it with her feet still on the floor. I don't think dogs normally do that. Or say "Out" when they have to go out.

And goats. I knew that goats looked weird. Those eyes. The cloven hooves. The horns. Those neck things (when they have neck things). In some manners of art, Satan is a goatish critter for a reason. Goats look otherworldly and perhaps as though they're not to be trusted.

When they yell like humans, though? That's freaking weird (some sheep are included in the following video):


  1. Okay, that's weird. Lol! I didn't know they could sound like that. It's hilarious. I almost didn't watch this because I'm scared of goats, but I'm glad I did. It may have helped my irrational fear some. Lol! I was not expecting to laugh. I really thought it'd give me nightmares. Lol!

    1. Aw, I hope it did help! A fear of goats is no good :(

      It is totally hilarious, and I do think that humor helps mitigate fear.