Saturday, March 16, 2013

Which one is yours? It's the one that says Bad mother---

I read April Line Writing's "On Writing Like a Motherfucker*" with interest. I let you peruse her post for what got her thinking on the...mantra? It's not exactly a platitude. Pretty good slogan? Whatever.

She ended up with asking other writers to share their talismans or rituals. Interesting that I posted (waay back in October of 2011) about how I had tried to avoid having a talisman, or rituals. I didn't want to be "locked in" to having an object, so that if I suddenly lacked it, I wouldn't also lack my mojo (I also just found a homonym typo in that post, but I'm not going to change it now. Live and learn. If y'all ever wondered, I pretty much type my entries and post them. Or type them and schedule them. I don't really look back. This is IN REAL TIME.)

But anyway. I read that post, and thought it cool that she had a mug with said mantra on it, and that it had helped her "up her game", to quote from the entry just a smidge. Fastforward to now, at the start of CampNaNoWriMo, when I'm looking at all the shiny new things in the store and thinking "Do I want a tee shirt?" (note: I will frequently get the tee shirt. I wonder what the winner shirts will look like!). Then, "Ooh, should I get a mug?!" Because it's great if the words are flying and everything is smooth sailing. But when you need that boost? Well, a mug could be cool. Or maybe what's in the mug would be the helper. It's come to pass that we have a rum I quite like, called Kraken, which I will add to cola (though I wonder if it would be good in ginger ale?) which would precipitate me shouting "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" which may or may not startle the dog, and may or may not shake more words loose. Maybe we shouldn't get into that. But really, if my ritual is something as simple as screaming "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" and then getting to it, I could be worse off. It's probably no worse than my shouting "Chowdah!" when I hear "chowder" said, or see it written (thanks, early season Simpsons.)

(Other side note: I never know if I should spell it "tshirt" or "teeshirt" or "tee shirt" or "t-shirt". I should probably get a ruling on this sooner rather than later.)

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