Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April NaNoWriMo: 14 days left!

Well, April has been an interesting time for me, WriMo speaking. I've had days where I wrote a whole lot. I've had days (nay, a week!) where I didn't write at all. Such is my cycle.

I haven't kept up on editing Learn to Howl, so that freed up some RAM for the tentatively named The Last Song (my Camp novel, natch), which has gone swimmingly. The outline proved to be very useful this time, a veritable miracle. The Internet, particularly YouTube and Pandora, has been very useful. My main character is a grunge-rocker type who I've modeled slightly after Kurt Cobain, and I have a "Nirvana" channel on that I've liked and not liked songs on for....five years now? Is that possible?

But anyway. I got the idea for The Last Song when I was kind of idly thinking of mythology, as one does (you do, right?). See, I know it's a Nicholas Sparks title, but since A Walk to Remember is the only and last Nicholas Sparks book I'll read, I don't know what any of those books are about. So I tend to think the titles sound like they would be fantastic as horror titles. You tell me Nights in Rodanthe doesn't sound like it should be a vampires at the Outer Banks story. Go on. Or that Safe Haven isn't a zombie story or apocalypse story. A fun game, yes?

So by now, you're totally slavering to know what The Last Song is about, I know you are. It's a rewrite of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, wherein Orpheus goes to Hades in order to recover his shuffled off this mortal coil bride. I wrote it as a short story, but felt it could use a longer treatment, and I've been having fun with it; it's the story I was coyly discussing in my Size Matters post back in March. I don't know if anybody else has rewritten the myth lately, or how it turned out when they did. I wrote it/am writing it because it came into my head, not because I research the market. I really should start paying attention to things like that; it might save me heartache later. Maybe not, who knows?

Currently at: 13891 words.

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