Saturday, April 6, 2013

Okay, I'll ask....What is Tumblr for?

I try to be "with it", really I do. I have a smart phone, I know the slang (well, some of it. I strongly resist acronyms), I love in jokes. But there are some things that baffle me.

Like Tumblr. Is it a blog? Is it like Flikr? It it meant to defy classification? You can tag things like a blog. Sometimes there are different pages to click on (rather than scrolling down through somebody's Tumblr ad infinitum). There are a lot of people quite professional and serious about it, attributing photos that they've posted and giving as much history as possible (well. On the history one I was looking at).

I'm also astounded at the amount of people suffering from depression and feelings/actions of self harm on Tumblr. I'm happy, actually, that these people feel they have an outlet in Tumblr, and the amount of support I see them receiving from others in similar positions (or who understand the position) is immense. Which is kind of heartening, really.

But Tumblr has been a great inspirational resource. If you can think of how to properly search it, you can find a picture. And if you're like me, and can't create your own pictures but sometimes have ideas based on visual input? It's awesome. I've been able to look up cello stuff, and dogs (of course) and skaters and Old West stuff (though not Asians in the old west, yet. And be warned, "Asian Cowgirl" is evidently a sexual position. You will not find sepia toned daguerreotypes of Asian women in fantastic hats with sixguns riding horses. Nope.) (I also almost know how to spell "daguerreotype" without searching for it now. But not quite.) It's actually kind of frustrating, my complete lack of ability to Create Art. I can have a very clear picture of something in my mind, but the brain to fingers to page does not work for drawing, with me, only writing.

(let's not talk about handwriting).

I see some people who have both a blog and a Tumblr, and I wonder about that. Is it that beneficial as a plank in one's platform? Is it a potentially dangerous split to your attention, spreading yourself too thin across too many mediums? Where is the time to write, if you're blogging and tweeting and tumbling, and perhaps also participating in message boards? Plus, Heaven forfend you have other interests (like dogs.)  Or you want to spend some free time reading books.

I get that part of "building a platform" is having reach. You want to get peoples' eyes and attention as much as possible. But there's also a point at which you have to decide what you have the time and wherewithal to stick to, and stick to it. I wasn't so great at blogging here consistently. I'm not sure that I'm even interested in Tumblr, other than as a medium to occasionally look at neat things. I don't know what I would do with one. I hear tell it's great for getting your artistic media out there (Bryan, I'm looking at you!), and some people who Tumblr (Tumble?) don't have other blogs.

So, do you use Tumblr? Do you feel it helps you, hurts you? Is it separate from your "professional" writing/blogging?

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