Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lumper

I read recently that somebody in Ireland had brought back the Lumper potato, which is one of the strains that was so damaged by the potato famine (There are lots of pictures of them available on The Daily Spud, which I did not know existed until I tried to find my original source of Lumper knowledge. The Nat Geo article was it). I mentioned this to my fiancé, because of course I have to share my esoteric minutiae with him whether he likes it or not.

Fiancé: Lumper? What a pathetic 1800's name for a vegetable. It's positively Dickensian.
Me: Evidently they're 'waxy'.
Fiancé: Oh, because that sounds great. But really, who looks at that and goes "I'm going to bring back the Lumper?"
Me: Please sir, may I have some more Lumpers?
Fiancé: All I've got left is a half smoked fag and a Lumper...
Me: A dog-end and a Lumper!

(because once one knows what a dog-end is, after Googling the lyrics to Aqualung, it's frustrating to realize how infrequently it comes up in conversation. It's just one of those idioms)

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