Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I am not a ______

I read in the "news" a couple of weeks ago that Alexander Skarsgard (of True Blood and the Straw Dogs remake) doesn't want to be thought of as a sex symbol. On one hand I thought "well, too bad buddy" but on the other, I thought "Well, wait a minute." Because after all, wasn't I just talking about the way people (like writers) get put into categories? The way you are perceived affects all kinds of things, not least of all marketing.

I'm curious as to whether Leonardo DiCaprio ever gave matters such as these the same thought. I was of the "appropriate" target audience when Titanic and Romeo + Juliet came out (I saw the former 3 times in the theater and own the latter. Shut up.) He's continued to make movies, though. The Aviator was amazing, Inception was fabulous, and he just keeps working at it. He even won accolades from Vladmir Putin when he risked his life on two different perilous flights in order to make it to Moscow for a summit on tiger conservation.  Putin called him a "real man".

Incidentally, according to my stats, somebody in Moscow has been reading my dog blog fairly frequently. Do we think Putin is considering a Doberman? We know very well the man likes puppies; there's even a tumblr, putinwithdogs. He's received them as diplomatic gifts. And given them. Apparently this is a Thing; the Kennedy's received a puppy from the Russians back in the 60's, Pushnika, who was whelped by Laika, one of the Soviet space dogs (y'know, one who survived). So what do we label Putin as? Dog love? Scary Russian not-quite-dictator? Do some people consider him a sex symbol? (yeah, they're probably out there)

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