Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kickass Stuff I Discovered Lately

Atom Stars in World's Smallest Movie (From

As a "genre" author (I guess that's what I am. It's a post in the works), I don't really need to explain why this is cool do I? I mean, the possibilities are endless. Space espionage is only one of them, and perhaps this Query Shark entry benefits from this level of data storage.

The Codices Madrid, which are all of Leonardo DaVinci's writings and things. DaVinci may or may not be part of the explanation for why my Steampunk world has the alternate history that it does (as it does still take place on Earth, in places like London and Johannesburg.

Thing from a Tumblr called TheGodMolecule (the Tumblr, not the thing) wherein it describes a tribe in Africa and how each individual has his or her own song. Of course, to reach TheGodMolecule, I needed to follow a "reblogged from" breadcrumb trail to its source. And, ultimately, I have no "real" source. The person on Tumblr got it from somewhere, be it a 1928 issue of National Geographic, or a bleeding heart liberal mom person on the BlogHer network who made it up because it sounded cool (where it may or may not ultimately be an anti abortion rant). Interestingly, if you search "There is a tribe in Africa where....", you get a number of web pages that post this thing. The first of which is a Tumblr, inscrutable beast that is. Now, I'm not morally against positive messages. But seriously people, cite your sources. Oh wait, I found it. It's a piece by Sobonfu E. Some, and may or may not be in the book Welcoming Spirit Home. Thank you to Letters To Nora, who actually cited ownership on a piece of writing (and, if it's the blog I think it is, is a very raw and honest look at life after having a stillborn child). Seriously, people. I mean, aren't we supposed to be done with tropes like the Magical Negro? Do we need sappy reblogs and Facebook shares of a nameless meme thing about how people in tribes Africa do things better, when we can actually give credit where credit is due? (which is not to say people in tribes in Africa do not do things better; I'm of the opinion they do some things better, and other things less well. I think every culture is like this, when compared with another. And by the by, there are many cultures in Africa. Just like how there are many cultures in America. Srsly folks. What tribe is this? The Maasai? The San (who are also more than one tribe)? I Goddamn love other cultures, so let's be as specific as possible. Again, looking at the info for that book on Amazon, the author Sonbonfu E. Some is referring to the Dagara people. There. Google and learn something.

The Pulp-o-Mizer on the Thrilling Tales web site, which allows you to make pulp magazine covers for stories (which I may have posted on here before, but I can't remember and it's still cool). I learned about it via Madeleine E. Robins, the author of the Sarah Tolerance books. You should probably read them. She's also involved with the Book View Cafe, on which she recently wrote an article (post?) entitled How Feminism Killed Cooking. You should definitely read that.

A Smithsonian archive video of Civil War veterans demonstrating The Rebel Yell:

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