Friday, June 28, 2013

Thoughts at the Mechanic's

~I really hope this stupid thing passes inspection. This is like waiting for SAT scores. Will my car be able to go to college?

~Wow, this radio station is really good. That's song 3 or something that I've liked. It can't possibly be a local station, I'll have to ask.

~Hey, one of the available wireless networks is Skynet.

~It's so weird that guys talk to each other while waiting for their cars to be done. It's like a singles bar for bros.

~stupid cars anyway. Why can't we have horses anymore? I could probably figure out how to fix a wagon. They don't have computers.

~I should learn how to fix pre-computer cars. And get one. That way, if there's an EMP, I'll have a car that works.

~If there's an EMP and I have a car that works, that would really make me a target in the era of survival that follows. Hmmm.

~I'm disappointed that the Skynet password isn't Terminator.