Friday, June 21, 2013

When did I become a crazy shoe lady?

So, in March, I came out of the closet with regards to my newfound...appreciation...for makeup.

I guess I might as well 'fess up about my shoe thing too, eh?

It's kind of funny, really. In the house, my philosophy is definitely "barefoot is best". I don't even like socks. But walking the dog barefoot is unwise, given the proclivity of drunken people to think breaking glass is funny. And bare feet at work is a definite no no. So are flip flops, actually. Working with the public can be such a buzzkill. I fondly remember my jeans and flip flops days at the Cat Fancier's Association.

But. Shoes.

I have sneakers (Airwalks this time around, to replace the Vans I wore out) that I walk the dog in, and sometimes wear to work in the winter. I have steel toed engineer boots, also for winter. I have tall lace up Timberlands, which are my shoes with the best tread; those go with skirts. I have a pair of Actual! Designer! not quite cowboy boots (bought on eBay at discount, natch) which are in general too nice to wear anywhere, or it's raining here. It rains here a lot.

Then I have sandals I can wear to work, and mary jane type shoes I can wear to work, and a pair of 50's esque heels that I can wear to work, but God, wearing heels all day is a special hell. My hat is off to all of those ladies who did it in the past and continue to do so today. It is not my cup of tea.

All that listed (I'm sure I've forgotten some, and I have other pairs I've bought for one occasion or another and still have because I'm a Goddamn squirrel when it comes to belongings), I'm not really a "shoe person". I don't really think of myself as a makeup person either, though I am certainly a jewelry person (though it really falls into the "unique, funky, collectible" category rather than the "worth money" category. I guess it's "safer" that way, but really, it's just my taste). I do like boots a good deal, and they're one of the few clothing items I'm willing to shell out for, because I know I'll wear them literally for years (those engineer boots? I bought them the year my fiancé and I started "dating" ["dating" as such does not tend to adequately describe relationships rooted in college]. In September, it'll be 12 years for us. Sure, the leather on the toes might be a bit dinged up, but they're definitely still wearable. And polishable.)

However, lately I've seen these Tieks leather ballet flats advertised, and I really like them. Really. I think about them at non-shoe times (these red ones here, if you're interested. Because really, red shoes are quite fun. It perhaps goes without saying that every other shoe I've listed above is black?). But, I'm unlikely to spend $165 on a pair of ballet flats, leather or not. Arguably, they'll last for years like boots would. But it's still different somehow.

If I had a shoe blog, I would write to them in my most cheery and professional way about how I would love a pair for review, because apparently that kind of thing works. It has for my dog blog, anyway. But this "writing" blog, on which I write about my writing, yes, but other things, since really, how interesting is my writing about writing? I'm loathe to post any of it, and none of it is published, so it's not like I can direct readers to it. So I write about what catches my fancy, and a lot of stuff that I post here is in fact stuff that's either already ended up in a story or a novel, or is intended to (black markets, demonic possession, nuclear stuff, urban exploration, etc.....) So. Not really justifiable. Actually, do people have shoe blogs? There are many fashion blogs (including Haute Macabre, which I quite like. See my above parenthetical, about how all of my shoes are black), so it seems like they must. Or shoe Tumblrs. For the love of God.


  1. I don't know if people have shoe blogs out there, but if you started one, I can already imagine people sending you shoes to wear and review. That's pretty interesting. If it took off, maybe companies like Nike and New Balance would come knocking, too!

    I wish there was something rare and intriguing I could market of myself, but alas, I'm pretty boring I think.

    Great post!

    1. Hah, thanks!

      It's funny to me just how many blogs there are out there, on oddly specific topics. I have seen a shoe one (I think the person was based in the Phillipines? but also one on just James Bond's clothes (post on that to follow). There are niches for everybody, seriously!

      I'm not sure I could take a shoe blog seriously enough. Or devote enough time to it...I've got the dog blog as well as this one! For free shoes I'd do it, certainly. I love free stuff.

  2. I have zero interest in clothes (other than making sure I look put-together for work, and I do like bright colors), but yeah, shoooooes. I have enough pairs that it's almost embarrassing. In my past career, I was on my feet all day and only donned the fancy heels every now and then (gotta wear the green stilettos on St. Patrick's Day!), but now I get to sit most days, so I can dress up my feet.

    Left to my own devices, I'd own ALL THE BOOTS, but I've limited myself to three pairs.

    Wow, I had a lot more to say about shoes than I expected. :D

    1. It's pernicious, right? It's like all they want us to do is like them and give them attention. And hoard them. Yes, and hoard them.

      See, it's funny, for me, I prefer dark colors. Black, and I've developed a love for that gunmetal grey. Part of it is simplicity; all of my pieces are swappable so I can just grab a top and bottom and be done.

  3. There are plenty of shoe blogs out there. My favorite is Barking Dogs Shoes: because it's all about shoes for fussy feet. Which I have.

    I'm a bit of a fashion blog nut, so I understand the shoe obsession. That and BOOTS OMG. YES. I would wear mine all the time if I could. Unfortunately, scorching New Mexico heat doesn't allow me to do that very often in the summer.