Wednesday, July 31, 2013

As it turns out, I'm the one who came up with Lost

Not that I hold it against JJ Abrams or whatever. It's not like he broke into my Grandparents' house in New Jersey and went through the stuff in the attic to find this map I drew. But this is a Lost island, if ever I've seen one.

Clearly I was thinking "Crepe Suzette" when I named "Cape Suzed". That's my assumption, anyway.

 But, you can't copyright ideas, so it was fair game. And before you get weirded out at how perfectly the airplane is drawn, I'll hasten to inform you I had a stencil. The rest of the drawing is still pretty representative of my current ability, though my handwriting has become a bit more refined. I don't make my f's like that anymore, anyway. It's not great however, and every once in awhile I wonder if I should get penmanship books and practice or something. My legibility goes up when I use something felt tipped, or even something as large as a Sharpie, but most people don't want things written in Sharpie, like checks or forms.

Which reminds me, I should really watch the rest of the series. Or the series from the start, I really don't recall where I left off. I remember I was enjoying it, certainly. And my lovely fiancè bought the series for me in its entirety one birthday, in a ziggurat thing and everything.

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