Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dispatches to myself

In "Just One More Thing", I described my difficulty in closing out my writing day. This isn't a condition I expect to end any time soon, or that I'm even working to resolve.

In fact, I've kind of habitualized it even more.

See, I didn't really intend to sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo for July. The first came and went, and I was still doing my own thing, mostly not-writing. And then I reread The Last Song, which I wrote the first half of for Camp NaNoWriMo in May (and began "visiting" Detroit for in April). And I thought "Wow, this is really good" and I reached the end and wanted to know what happens next.

This is an awkward thing when it's your own book, wanting to read what happens next. You must, of course, write it first. And you must write it well enough that it is in fact a continuation of what had gone before, or else you're doubly disappointed, and perhaps a little ashamed.

But anyway. I've been writing to catch up (just a couple hundred more words, and I'm par with where I should be in the month). My word count goal is again 35,000 words, which would bring the novel to a total of 70,000. A little slim, but Neil Gaiman just published a 180 page novel, so maybe it'll fly. I'm not Neil Gaiman, granted (oh, that could be another post: 5 Reasons I'm Not Neil Gaiman. If I was smart, I'd make a logo button thingie and make that a writing blog hop. Would anybody participate in that? Let me know.); I don't have years and years of writing and fans and a body of mostly admirable work (love him though I do, not everything is to my taste. Or would have been to my taste years ago, but not where I am now).

But now, I do my evening thing, I hack away at my writing, and then I close things down. I go upstairs, take my contact lenses out, lay in bed, and email a few notes to myself on the topic of the book. Scenes to cover next. Specific ideas about the characters. Details I should have added. Then I close the phone, go to bed. In the morning, I transfer these ideas to a "notes" file, in the novel's folder. It's been working well. No more thoughts have typically intruded after this final email; it puts the wrapper on the day.

Also, in addition to the fondness I confessed Google Maps Street View in the I've Never Been to Detroit post, I've discovered a game that makes use of this. It's called GeoGuessr, and it puts you down in a random spot, and you need to click around and zoom in and out and such, and then guess where in the world you are. It's very absorbing, to me, and I've become very familiar with things like the pay phones in Brazil and the different styles of lines and dashes different countries paint on their roads.

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