Monday, July 22, 2013

Whistle While You Work

I listen to music a lot. In the car, when I'm at my computer. In my head. As much as I can, really.

One thing that Stephenie Meyer did on her web site (it might still be there. Yup, it is.) is build "soundtracks" for her novels. Regardless of my Professional Opinion™ of the Twilight novels, I did read them, and I don't hate them. I just wish everybody would stop reinventing the vampire.

But, I digress.

The thing I like is the novel playlist, that's my point here. And since The Last Song is a novel about a rock star, I've really had a playlist in my mind for it all along. Different songs get mentioned in different chapters (by title only! Song lyric rights are an expensive bitch to get, is my understanding. Oh, actually, I do mention one line, of one Foo Fighters song. So that'll need to get removed, should this go to publication. Or I'll need to purchase the rights for it. Think the Foo Fighters are cool? I'd hope they'd be cool.) The main character's band covers songs. The main character thinks of songs on his wife's MP3 player, or songs that she liked. You know how it is, when music is a part of your consciousness

I do have a particular playlist I listen to while I'm writing, but The Last Song playlist is different. has been a help, as always. I have a carefully crafted Nirvana station that I started years ago, and have thumbsed up and down songs for a good long time now.

But, if you're interested, here's somewhat the list I have in mind (not all of it, and not necessarily in the "correct" order; that would require more intensive thought and, well, the novel awaits):

 "American Girl", Tom Petty
"Fell in Love With a Girl", White Stripes
 "Everlong", Foo Fighters
 "Fall to Pieces", Velvet Revolver
 "Burning Beard", Clutch
 "Lightning Crashes", Live
 "Tiny Dancer," Elton John
 "Landslide", Stevie Nicks
 "White Rabbit (Go Ask Alice)", Jefferson Airplane
 "Hotel California", The Eagles
 "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" Nirvana cover of a Leadbelly song
 "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", Led Zeppelin
"Better Man", Pearl Jam
 "Horse With No Name", America
 "Knights in White Satin", Cream
 "Angie", the Rolling Stones
 "Starseed", Our Lady Peace
 "Loser", Beck
"All Over You", Live
"Hemmorage", Fuel
"Plush", Stone Temple Pilots
"Never Die", Creed


  1. Heh, I'm the opposite! I can't write to music, and I'm terrible when it comes to picking certain songs to match certain situations. I try to excuse it by saying that if I have music playing when I'm trying to write, I wind up paying more attention to the music than the writing.

    (I don't know if this sounds better or worse when you keep in mind that I have a degree in music....)

    1. I dunno, I think your degree in music makes a perfect excuse to pay minute attention to the music playing. You've got those aural skills! I can understand how that would be a distraction.