Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I might not like outlining, but I do love office supplies

I talk about how I'm a "pantser", and most of the time I walk the walk. I occasionally dabble in outlining, but really, it falls apart pretty quickly. I diverge from it soon after the writing goes on, I decide what I outlined was stupid, etc.

Not taking, I'm a little better about. Since I wrote Dispatches to Myself, I've continued to email myself notes on the Work in Progress.  As I've drawn The Last Song to a close, I've begun to think again about my werewolf novels. Learn to Howl needs another readthrough, I know this to be true, and The Wolf You Feed is a mild mess that needs an overhaul, and then to be drawn to a conclusion. After that point, there are more rewrites, certainly, and I'll know by then if there's a third book in the series or if it's just a duology. Duo? Twinner? It's super awkward, whatever you call it.

To aid in this process, and because it's Back to School™ time at Wal Mart, I got a two pack of the flair pens I absolutely love, and a blank book with a wolf on it.

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