Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Conversation I dreamed. Actually.

I dreamed this conversation. I'm not sure who the "characters" were; it was a Thanksgiving family get together that was apparently potluck. It was not at my house, nor a house I've seen before. 

Character 1: I'm very happy that anybody else is bringing well, anything, because I only bought the one steak that's a couple of pounds. I don't have a side of beef that's been turning on a spit since like, Tuesday, and don't have a meat fairy.

Character 2: Heh, meat fairy.

Character 1: I mean, I know we all want to have meat fairies....

Character 3: No, but you do have a purple Doberman statue, what is that?

Character 1: Oh, that? That's from when people from Jonestown were creeping about the house and I Nancy Drew'ed out their plan. And I had that purple SCUBA knife at the time, remember?

Character 2: How could we forget?

Character 1: And yeah, I stabbed one of them and it turned out to be the ringleader and then the FBI gave me that statue. To match the knife and because I like Dobermans.

Character 3: because who just has purple Doberman statues on hand.

Character 1: I know, right?

[non-dreaming note: It was the people in the Manson Family, not the Jonestown people, who would creepy-crawl in peoples' houses. So my sleeping brain mixed that up a bit, perhaps because my sleeping brain was thinking of the purple flavor-aid the Jonestown people drank.]

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