Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And then he was a she....

So, apparently they found a sealed tomb that's like, 2600 years old. They went "Oh, woo, Etruscan warrior prince!"

My title may have included spoilers.

You see, the warrior "prince" was a "princess".

Now, I am not an archaeologist, or a forensic anthropologist (though I wish I'd thought up that career path 15 years ago and I might be. Ah well). But I know, know, that there are people in those professions who are trained to tell sex from just skeletal remains. Which, y'know, they figured out eventually. But why did it take any kind of time? Was this just confirmation bias? Etruscans with spears must be male?

Well, evidently the Etruscans defied gender roles (gasp!) because the spear in said sealed tomb belonged to the female skeleton, and the jewelry belonged to the male. They think maybe the spear was a status thing. So maybe she wasn't a warrior princess. Or maybe she was! Who knows anything about Etruscans anyway? (They are not one of my niche interests, I must plead ignorance. I at least know how the word is pronounced.)

Bonus to every source which put a picture of Xena in their article on this topic. I will not, as I do not wish to be sued. But I loved that Goddamn show (well, until it got kinda wonky in the later seasons, SPOILERS with Gabriella also being a warrior princess and Xena having a baby and going to Tibet or some such. But Hercules got weird too, what with the Ireland trip and perhaps time travel? END SPOILERS)


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    1. Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side....

      (thank you for getting it!)

  2. What a cool story. I hadn't run across this one. Thanks for posting it. And all I know about the Etruscans is they had some cool art, and the Romans rose up and ousted Etruscan kings.

    1. You're welcome! I forget where it caught my eye originally, but I do try to find more reputable sources to cite.

      See, that's more than I knew about the Etruscans! ;)

  3. I read about the Etruscans years ago. Not much is known about them or why they simply seemed to disappear. Two of the coolest things I remember. A stone statue of a husband and wife reclining on a lounger type thing. It sat on top of their coffins if memory serves me correctly. The other is of drinking vessels found with a woman's name engraved in them - Larthia. I thought that one day I might write a story about her. Right now I'm wresting with the ancient Babylonians :)

    1. That is some awesome story fodder! I hope to read about Larthia one day ;)

      Good luck with those tricky Babylonians!