Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Something unique

So, my NaNoWriMo idea is in the oven, or the slow cooker, or whatever food preparation mechanism my brain and subconscious have cobbled together when they're making novel stew but don't want to let me taste it yet. Solar oven? Whatevs.

But, I have a general idea that I'm doing an Urban Fantasy thing (big surprise there, right?) involving bikers and Something Supernatural™. So, to get an idea of what's out there on the market, I've been searching things like "supernatural bikers" and "urban fantasy bikers" on Amazon, in addition to my usual searches for new books on motorcycle clubs.

There's more stuff there than I expected there to be (and who expected there to be paranormal biker werewolf romance? Not I!), but nothing that appears to be what I actually intend. There's some demon slayer witch girl series thing, and lots of werewolves, though still not my kind of werewolves, even though they will not be making an appearance. Maybe werewolves of my urban fantasy world's type will get mentioned by somebody, it only makes sense, but this is not a werewolf novel.

I also saw some biker Kindle book that was listed for $199.99, no joke. I wonder if it was a typo? I probably couldn't find it again now if I tried, because of course saving it to link as an example (or whatever) clearly would've made too much sense.

Also, I'm still battling this cold...whatever that I have, which is making my attention span and comprehension skills a little interesting. I was transfixed by tea tree oil floss in the grocery store today, and though I do dearly love the smell of tea tree oil, I do not love flossing, nor the idea of spending six bucks on floss. And of course I have a headache too (though not a migraine, dear Elka would have told me about that, if I didn't notice on my own). So I'm simply left with the dear wish that the people at the grocery store don't just think I'm on drugs. Because I'm not.


  1. Gotta love ANYTHING Supernatural...

    1. Supernatural, paranormal, urban fantasy, kind of weird....yup! I dig it.

      The show entitled Supernatural is pretty great as well (especially Dean). But I do tend to really really like Urban Fantasy books. Which is good, because I'm finding it's the genre my writing and ideas most often fall into.

      (Though I don't want "Something Supernatural™" statement to be taken as I'm writing fan fiction. I am not.)

  2. Battling a cold / whatever is no fun. I had a day about a week ago when I was dizzy all day for no discernible reason, and I had to work right through it, and it was crappy. So my sincere wish for you is that the symptoms go away soon.

    1. Yes, I had the weird dizzy thing two Saturdays ago! It floored me, however, which would be a literal statement had the couch not been able to interceded. You are made of sterner stuff than I!

      Thanks for your well wishes. Glad you're no longer dizzy.