Monday, October 7, 2013

Write 'em or Lose 'em

Typically, when I write, I write a story from beginning to end. I don't cherry pick scenes to write and then string it all together once it's finished. I don't write the end first, and then go back to the beginning.

When I'm planning to write, it's also typically in the loosest sense. I kind of think about it. Consider story angles. Think about characters I'd like to explore, experience, whatever. When the words start coming is when I start writing. If I don't write those words, I'll lose them.

It's one reason I'm what's referred to as a "pantser", in NaNoWriMo jargon. I write "by the seat of my pants". Because in NaNoWriMo, everything you put into your novel must be fresh words, not sentences or paragraphs or passages written in the time that came before.

If I prepare too much, I start getting sentences. If I don't write them, I lose them.

So, I've done my planning for NaNoWriMo. I'm doing the research bit now, though my library system is a bit slim on topics of the occult. Ah well, I can use the Interweb, which is not slim on topics of the occult.

I've also been doing more work on The Wolf You Feed. Not editing, mind you. The first portion of the book is still how I left it. But writing some end chapter stuff, which I do not typically do. But I know how I want those portions to go, and there is no rule that says you must write your book in order. Or if there is, fuck that rule. I don't care. I'm writing.


  1. Replies
    1. Sometimes, the rules seem extraneous. Other times, I just want to go off the rails ;)

  2. Losing words--a big fear of mine too. I also tend to write in order, but I'll just down phrases and sentences for future scenes if they come to me. Sometimes, when I get to that scene, my notes don't fit after all, but at least I didn't lose them. :-)

    1. Yes, sometimes the scene ends up very different from the original ideation. Other times, it just drops right in!

  3. The only "rules" are the ones that get you a finished product that you're happy with. Good luck!

    1. YES! I think this is a consideration as well ;)

      So much of writing is about what works for you, and sometimes that includes NaNoWriMo rules. But I do try to be good.