Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I got to the end and realized I didn't have a point. Ah well.

As previously stated, I was mildly ticked off by an article that seemed to directly opine that, in the absence of Moon Men, science fiction involving the Moon was a foregone conclusion. Of course I've found a .gif that loosely links to this on everybody's favorite "keep clicking" time water, Imgur

Because really, .gifs are such fun. And memes. I confess. I find them very amusing indeed (though watching that little arm going up and down while typing the rest of this post is kind of...hypnotic? Nauseating? Results unclear). I love those book reviews that are .gif posts, especially the super hilarious Twilight ones that I can't remember the reviewer's name of now but I think it was on Good Reads?  (oh, but here's a Fifty Shades of Grey one. Go read that. READ IT.)

Meme from above link

Even when in hilarious broken English net speak (if they include any words at all, that is), .gifs and memes get their point across. I have only one prior .gif and meme post to my name, and it's on my dog blog The Elka Almanac: When trying to educate on dog message boards. Because there are just times that even the most educational Doberman corner of the Internet, Doberman Talk, devolves to .gifs and memes. Because trolls. Or because people are really that stupid. It's a scientific process, determining which one is dealing with. But, you can read the post, if you want to hear me nattering about dog stuff. That's what that blog is for.

But, this post has far less direction than that, as I'm just doing some mental palate cleansing in the throes of NaNoWriMo.

I found this .gif here, I don't know original source, but it's one of my favorites.
And yeah, that's how NaNoWriMo can make you feel. Because on one hand, hell yeah, I'm a writer and I can totally write two thousand words a day or more. Really I can. And have. But when I suddenly feel lukewarm about my novel, and when I'm at 40k and I still kinda feel lukewarm....

And that's just the way it goes. I'm definitely not going to write a new 50k novel in the time I have left. But pulling the current one out is a strangely joyless endeavor. I have no explanation. I like my idea. I think it's neat. My main character is okay. My main villain is skeevy.

.gif from Imgur, though ultimate source was the most recent Star Wars MMO opening video

But anyway. Hijinks on the Internet. I've been writing. And then I found five dollars.

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