Friday, November 8, 2013

My whole world isn't NaNoWriMo, if you wondered

There are times I don't actually know what to put in this space. It's November, sure, but I've already posted a bit too much about NaNoWriMo. It's like how all the food blogs (it seems) are all of the sudden writing about Thanksgiving. It's like three weeks away, but we're wading through Thanksgiving dinner shit. I'm not all that interested. I mean, I'm probably cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but it doesn't mean I need to read about it all across the Internet for a whole month. I imagine it must be the same way when it comes to NaNoWriMo. Not all writers care about it. Not all readers care about it. Some people actively hate it. Sorry guys.

It might be dominating my writing right now, but it isn't all of my writing, actually. It's funny, sometimes, how many ideas I get once I've "locked in" to a project.

Like the Moon thing. And oh yeah, freaking India just launched a Mars probe. The process by which it's leaving Earth's gravitational influence is really interesting, actually. But India has people who have no access to things like clean water and the privilege not to be raped to death on buses for Christ's sake, why are they probing Mars? (And the article I linked just prior ends with: "Even so, some commentators have questioned whether India should be spending its millions on a planetary mission when a significant part of its population are in poverty and figures for childhood malnutrition are some of the highest in the world.")

Or, on this blog called Doug's Darkworld, I read about when the sun kind of didn't happen for 18 months in 535. That there is story fodder, fantasy or otherwise. I'm probably never going to write a hardcore historical fact medieval novel. But sword and sorcery fantasy? Or low magic fantasy? Yeah, sure. I've got an opening half envisioned. I've been poking at it for a little bit, turning it over in my mind.

My brain soup is always slow cooking, regardless of what project I'm working on. Or what project I'd like to be working on. I'm not one of those "My characters aren't cooperating!" people, but there are times my thoughts go their own way, to be sure.


  1. I'll admit that I'm sort of indifferent to NaNoWriMo, but I'm still following along! (Even if I can't think of anything useful to say!)

    1. You're allowed to not dig NaNoWriMo. It's this interesting cultural behemoth that kind of takes over certain niche groups, it seems. I'm sure it can be interesting to spectate, though, if it isn't frustrating to keep hearing about it!