Monday, November 18, 2013

NaNoWriMo at the library

At the library, we have a couple of different displays that change month by month.

This month? NaNoWriMo. It wasn't even my suggestion! But, we're using my notebooks, fountain pens, and hoodie (I shrank it accidentally. For winning this year, I might get a new hoodie instead of a t-shirt, since I'm not a huge fan of the 8 bit stuff). I even wore a NaNoWriMo shirt on Saturday (my winner's shirt from last year, if I remember aright) but nobody asked about it. I guess they'd rather not appear ignorant?

I managed to make par on Sunday, coming in at 28,590 words on the Asbury Park novel. The funny thing about my difficulty is I think appropriate tension between characters are there, and the situations are interesting, I'm just having a disconnect. Ah well. I'll soldier on.