Monday, November 4, 2013

This is what happens when I take a weekend off....

Me: That guy doesn't blink enough. He looks like a serial killer.
Fiancè: Sometimes you blink too much, and I'd think you were a serial killer if it wasn't for the cleanup involved.
Me: That's fair.

Friend: Oh. I wasn't expecting that. (while taking allergy pills)
Fiancè: Yeah, they're the off brand so they don't have the same coating.
Fiancè: Shut up, Julie

Fiancè: You just violated the Geneva convention with your mouth.

Me: Oh hey, there are Great Danes in the Pokerface video. They're all "Lady, what are you doing?"
Fiancè: Lady Gaga.
Me: They just want to know where the meat dress went.
Fiancè: You girly girl! You like Pokerface! You're all "Oh, I don't mind that song..." You LOVE it.
Me: Okay, maybe I like it.

Fiancè: I think that's the first time I've actually seen somebody wave their arms like they didn't care. Congratulations.

Friend: Honestly, I wanted flying squirrels, but couldn't have them in this state.
Me: You can just go to the library park and get a couple.
Fiancè: Those aren't flying squirrels.
Me: The fuck they aren't. Just get them little goggles and put them in planes.
Fiancè: Jen, you...actually, let me rephrase that. Shut up, Julie.
Friend: Well, there are some flying squirrels that make really good pets.
Fiancè: No, that's just brunettes. Have you met mine? We call her Julie.


  1. These snippets of conversation just kill me. :-)

    1. some are just too good to be forgotten :D

      (though I wish I remember what it was I said that allegedly violated the Geneva Convention.)

  2. I would ask what the hell was wrong with you, but the obvious answer is that we don't live near enough to each other.

    1. Then our madness would just feed off each others'. We know the way this works, and it's delightful.

  3. HAHAHAH...awesome

    And I've had to admit that I like Lady was against my will.

    1. I like Pokerface, anyway. Nothing else has quite struck me.

      We all have our guilty pleasure music, I think.