Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Found Object Inspiration

Working at the library, we find a lot of things in books. Hell, we find a lot of things just around the building. Some of these things are personal and we return them to the patron as soon as we can identify them and is possible. Some of these things are not traceable to any individual and they languish in lost and found until an arbitrary amount of time has passed and they are thrown away. Ephemera like this does not tend to be saved.

I apologize in advance for the cell phone quality of these pictures.

First up, the line "On Monday it rained", on orange post-it note, on a yellow legal pad. I could think of worse opening lines to a story, n'est-ce pas? I haven't written this one yet, but it's up there, in the stew of my subconscious.

This one makes me think of the anime Fooly Cooly, wherein "Eyebrows" was a running joke for the latter half of the extremely brief series.

And lastly, date due cards, but with...quotes? Proverbs? Whatever. Written on them. These aren't the first I've found like this. I assume they will not be the last.

Have you ever taken inspiration, for a character or a specific line or a situation, from an object that you found?


  1. Ever find money as a bookmark?(Wishful thinking here.)

    1. Hah, no such luck! No winning lotto tickets either ;)