Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! (or O 2013, we hardly knew ye....)

It's that time of year again. Yeah. Christmas is over. Thanksgiving was super early. Yo Kwanzaa? Whatever.

What happened this year?

A whole lot of nothing. Technically. I'm not published. I occasionally exchange witty repartee with agents on Twitter. I've got more story rejections under my belt. Ooh, wait! There was a "concrete" something! My buddy Jacob Burgess read my story Housekeeping. You remember that, right? Did you tell your friends?

Don't take this the wrong way; I'm feeling pretty good about things. I've edited Learn to Howl to my satisfaction (such as it can be...you know how that is, right? Next time I look at it, I'll want to do something else) and submitted to the Angry Robot open door.  I got help with this from the lovely Spo(e)rk, whose advice and opinion I always value even if I don't follow. Apparently Angry Robot got a whole lotta submissions; the online submission thinger wasn't accepting any more by the time I pulled the trigger on this, actually. They'd received 100 submissions in the past 3 days, which was, I guess, their limit. So I had to send via email, which added another layer of nerve-wrackitude. Whatevs.  I've also got book two (The Wolf You Feed) to finish, and I've got only a few book three particulars in mind so far, like who dies and how it ends. That's all you need, right? Right.

I'm this close to finishing The Last Song. I read through it after leaving it fallow for a time and didn't edit out a whole lot. I tightened the belt on it a little, I feel, and drew some things at the beginning closer in line with what I'd discovered by the end. I did, however, consider over the weekend (I went home to New Jersey for some holiday visiting) whether I should set it in Asbury Park after all rather than Detroit. That would require a lot of rewriting, though obviously would be more familiar ground for me. We'll see if that idea takes wing at any point.

But yeah. This year I've become more serious about my writing (I think). I seem to have fallen into kind of a....rhythm? Game plan? Something. Let's hope 2014 bears some fruit!

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