Monday, February 24, 2014

Coming down the pike

Since I'm deliberately keeping eyes off The Last Song , I've had to occupy my writing brain in other ways. Oh, I've still got thoughts regarding what changes and additions I should make to The Last Song, but I'm keeping it in a separate file just on my desktop, while the novel itself is tucked away in its appropriate folder. For instance, I want to make it a lot less portal, as I think it will be interesting to the tone of the story, to have that question: is this just the main character's perception, or is he actually in another world? Is he straddling a divide? Is he just fucking nuts? On drugs?

(and my last sentence just made me think of Ginsberg's "Howl" [specifically the line "with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares"], which if you haven't read you ought to. Even if you don't like poetry, as I typically do not.)

(similarly, I DEFINITELY have not looked at Learn to Howl [or its unfinished sequel] which is still with Angry Robot, and I have not heard a peep about. Judging from the tracking thread on Absolute Write, they have been getting back to people, but their open sub brought in 500 submissions. That's a lot to make it through, in addition to a regular workload. So patience, patience.)

But anyway, as my story fodder/historic space/current events style posts might tell you, I'm thinking about space scifi. Chronologically, the book I've started (chapter one is being pecked at!) is the second in the "series", but I don't really intend to do a series as such. Books related to one another on the same near-future spacefaring chronology, but not books that specifically follow the same characters in their deeds of derring-do. I'm trying very hard to make my space people realistic; these are people who are leaving earth within the next 100 years, and I want the tech and the culture to make sense. I want it to be a logical continuation of the scientists and pilots and such we have today, because there's only so much people change. Currently, I have no intention of adding aliens. I don't think I intend to add additional speculative elements, such as werewolves in space. That might be too much. And vampires in space....well, we know about Dracula 2000.

So I've been doing fun things like watching live streamed launches when I catch wind of them in time, and playing on the NASA web site (there's so much there!), and reading about space missions and pilots and things, and watching movies (Europa Report was pretty good, Oblivion was neat, haven't watched Elysium or Apollo 18 yet). The prior science fiction I've written hasn't been all that "hard", and certainly hasn't been novel length. So all of this is new and interesting for me, and exciting. I want to re-read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and The Martian Chronicles, and read what new things people have come out with (I have Corey's Leviathan Wakes on my coffee table right now). I've always loved science fiction, and my dad did as well, so it's nice to revisit the old and investigate the new, and compare their similarities and differences and try to see where I fit into the mix.


  1. I love when all sorts of fun things come under the umbrella of "doing research"!

    (I'm still trying to figure out if there's a way to write the purchase of some books off on my taxes.... ;) )

    1. It's probably one of the greatest benefits of being a writer, the fact that nearly anything can light that creative spark in your brain, and fan the flames. Books especially ;) (call H&R Block and ask them!)

  2. The research you're doing sounds fun. As for the other question posed by Thea, if you're making money as a writer, you can deduct expenses as a writer. Otherwise, not so much. You'd need to fill out a schedule C for a small business. The IRS has a pretty strict rule. You have to make money in (I think) 3 out of 5 years for it to count as a legitimate business.