Thursday, February 13, 2014

Did you know about Query Tracker?

A quick note: If you're an author looking for an agent, did you know about Query Tracker? I didn't, not really.

It's free, first off.

You can just do an agent or publisher search. If you've got an author in mind, you can see who represents them. They have a forum. It'll keep track of your queries for you (and you can mark agents in your records there, as agents not to query, as rejected, etc. etc.). You can leave comments on agent pages so others know if they're a "no reply means no", etc.

I've only just signed up, and not ready to actually query yet. But it's really neat, and I wanted to make sure people knew! Have you used Query Tracker in your agent search? Do you have an agent, you lucky dog? ;)


  1. I did know about query tracker. And it's a great tool.

    Do you know about Query Shark? If not, you have to, no, make that must visit the site and read all you can before you query.

    She has a ton of info, from how to write a query, to how to interact with a prospective agent. You'll have to scroll down (look on the right side of her site) for the info, and you'll end up spending hours reading her replies back to people who are brave enough to submit their query letters (chum bucket) for her to slash and tear to pieces. :)

    1. Yes, I do dearly love reading Query Shark! I finished the archive and need to go through it again. Janet Reid does not rep my genres, but her advice is invaluable. It's awesome that she's so willing to help writers in this manner, and must take A LOT of patience.