Friday, April 18, 2014

Like Begets Like

I'm sure it isn't really an odd thing to suggest that a creative environment fosters, and spawns, more creativity. I've wrote about it here enough times, that when I'm writing  a lot, the ideas keep coming.

Four Dancing Muses, from Wikimedia Commons

Especially when doing a National Novel Writing Month, it seems like ideas for different projects spawn in order to distract me. I've gotten a nascent new idea this time around, for instance. Nothing formed enough to start writing on, but it's there. My behindness (I lagged an average of 3k words behind for this entire second week) was not because of that, more a product of my lack of productivity on work breaks. Some days are better for shoehorning writing in than others.

So, I'm trying to foster the utilization of the magical devices known as notebooks. I've also discussed that I have a multitude of them, so trying to keep one on hand at all times to jot notions in isn't an impossibility. It's nice to try and corral those chains of thought when I have them, because those moments of brilliance that you're just sure you'll of course remember because it's so perfect....don't actually last. Or get remembered.

It's especially important for me to save articles I've read on Some Random Thing. Like I read an article on io9 the other day about the Silk Road, and the civilization which actually had to do with the city of Samarkand. It was absolutely fascinating and I know struck a spark in my subconscious there somewhere. It also linked up with a map Janet Reid posted the other day, of the Imperial History of the Middle East. Story fodder, all of it. It daisy chains there in the mental basement, and eventually starts sprouting topside so I can water it and watch it grow.

Do you find it's easy to keep writing and creating if you've already been writing and creating? What kind of research have you been doing lately? As Donna Everheart observed, research can get weird. But to me, weird is awesome, so lay on, Macduff!


  1. Yes, I do find it easier when I'm already in that mode. And I completely agree, seeing/watching/hearing something truly creative resonates with that part of myself.
    When I get those ideas, those flashes, I write them down--just a sentence or three--but I've found the ones that are worthwhile stay with me, and the idea is growing and thickening on the back burner of my brain until I'm ready to begin writing.

    1. Yes, the worthwhile ones do tend to stay with you, and grow and ferment all on their own!

      Really, creativity seems to be a cycle, like weather patterns. Sometimes it rains heavier than others.