Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pondering the seriousness of various NaNoWriMos.

So I guess I have a pattern formed here.

When I don't have posts scheduled ahead of time  (which I do, frequently. I write them when I have the time and schedule them for my neat little MWF), sometimes I can pull it out in time. Or at least on the correct day. But there are always mitigating circumstances.

This time, it is of course Camp NaNoWriMo.

Do you ever get tired of hearing about the permutations of NaNoWriMo? I do and I don't. I think it's a fascinating process, a good way to get your shitty first draft out of your skull and onto the table, so you can get down to the nuts and bolts of editing and making said draft into less shitty second and third, etc. etc. drafts.

But Serious Writers (or people who aren't writers but come here to read the random shit I post) might get tired of it. I can understand that, really. There are things I don't give a shit about. But I don't necessarily think Serious Writers should take NaNoWriMo participants less seriously. Because it's all in what you do with said shitty first draft.

If as soon as you're done, you batch send it to agents? Yeah, don't do that.

If as soon as you're done, you let it rest for X amount of time and then edit it? And then get other eyes on it? Yeah, that's a lot better.

There are NaNoWriMo projects I did that will likely never see the light of day, for whatever reason. In some cases, they have a kernel of an idea that's fine, but need a full rewrite. In others, they need enough of a rewrite that it might as well be a new book. These were written years ago, and are stepping stones on my Writers Journey to finding my voice, and style, and preferred thematics. I'm very, very glad I did them. But in their current states they'll never grace anybody's shelves, and I'm fine with that.


  1. NaNo, and the variations that have grown from it, give me palpitations. Hope this one has started well for you!

    1. It is not the kind of challenge everybody needs!

      Things are going well so far. A bit behind, but that isn't unusual.