Friday, April 25, 2014

Reasonable Reactions to comments on your stories

Well. Maybe "reasonable" is exaggerating (also, am I the only one who has to take like, three shots at spelling 'exaggerating' every time? And by the time I get it, I don't trust my browser's spell check and have to ask Google anyway?) But "common reactions" just didn't have that alliterative power. That, and I'm trying to make better titles. I haven't yet come up with one ending in "you'll never believe what happens next!"

So anyway. Comments on your stories. We all know what I mean. Spouted by writers, spouted by workshoppers in undergrad fiction classes, etc. etc. It isn't bad advice, per se. And this is not to say the advice is necessarily incorrect. But we all want more, don't we?

So, with .gifs and stuff, I thought I'd take out that frustration here, rather than on any poor workshopper or faceless Internet person (and no, none of this happened recently, so stop trying to figure out if I'm talking to you because I'm not so there.)

First, a picture of Elka to make y'all happy. Look how happy she is! You're happy too now, right? Right.:

1. "Show, don't tell."

2. "Filtering."

3. "I can't follow who's doing what in the action."

also, "Who said what here?"

4. "I don't know what that word means."

5. "Do people really talk like this? I don't talk like this."

6. "Are you referencing something?"

7. "This makes me think of [INSERT THING IT IS NOTHING LIKE]"

8. "I think you should add [INSERT THING THAT NO, I SHOULD NOT ADD]

9. "So what happened? I don't get the ending."

10. "But yeah, I really liked it."


  1. This post made me want to do another word of the day and search for some animated gifs to share! lol


    1. DO IT!

      I love .gifs. They're one of those Great Things of the Internet™ for me.