Monday, June 16, 2014

Blogging Naked

There are different approaches to blogging. Perhaps they're not "official" schools of thought, but it's hard not to be aware.

Some people just open a vein and let their words fill the screen. Their history, their thoughts, their emotions, make up crime scenes of blog posts for you to CSI your way through the gore. It seems like they have no secrets, have nobody who might object to such bald honesty.

Some people seem to blog entirely in the fictional realm. Even if they're writing a dog blog, their lives and thus their posts seem to take place in a mythical realm. Some people blog in the voice of their dog (I do not).

Some people blog with the utmost professionality, only list posts and industry topics, Ikea slick and no dust or grime or bruises anywhere to be found.

So what's my style? How much do I share? I think I keep a lot reserved, actually. I might blog things people have said, but I don't include the minutia of my everyday life. I blog about my writing, what novels I have planned. I blog about my dog and her training, our successes and mistakes, with lots of Doberman pictures and some glimpses of my house. I put up flash pieces from prompts, I put up random wackyass information that catches my fancy and that I intend to put through the meatgrinder of my consciousness and put in stories.

But can a stranger read my blogs and know who I am? I don't know. Maybe in a way they can know me fantastically well, and at the same time not at all. I endeavor to be as honest as possible, and in my novels and short stories I can allow things to be that raw nerve, but to place that online? I just can't bring myself to do it. Once you say too much you can't take it back. What has been done cannot be undone.


  1. Interesting...

    I pretty much just write what I'm thinking about at the moment. And then sometimes go back and can't say that.

    but not always.

    1. I've done it with comments so many times, and then I'm like "Do I want this Google-able?" Noope.

  2. Interesting points here! I'm such an introvert that I have a hard time moving past generalities and bland "not much going on lately" kind of posts. And having everything I share live on in the memory banks of Google doesn't make me want to spill my guts, lol.

    1. Oh, I know, the Eternal Repository of Google™ is enough to make me hesitate over many, many things. Which is a good and normal reaction, I feel.