Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stop planning and get it done!

I realize the title makes it seem as though I spend loads of time planning novels, perhaps outlining and plotting and other meticulous things. I don't. Some people do, but I don't.

July approacheth, and another Camp NaNoWriMo. I do intent to participate. 50k words? Yeah, I'll leave that as my goal, though fantasy novels are supposed to be longer. Maybe I can hit the high points of the main plot and sketch out a subplot to weave in later.

I've been planning a fantasy novel. Letting it percolate, only poking it with a stick once in awhile. "Normal" fantasy, maybe it'll be epic, not urban fantasy. I don't want to let it percolate too long, though, and just wither on the vine. So far as plot goes, it's general fantasy; a kingdom falls, the erstwhile heirs are separated, usurpers take the throne, erstwhile heirs grow up, get reunited, take the kingdom back. A million stories like that, I'm sure. It's the world that sets fantasy novels apart. I'm thinking low magic, and I've got to consider races other than human sooner or later. I'm trying to consider fantasy and folkloric beasties which don't get used a whole lot; there will be a distinct lack of dragons, I'd say.
Worldbuilding is just one of those things. It can occupy more of your time than the story does, and so much of it can end up remaining behind the scenes. No infodumps, we want to avoid infodumps. So you just have to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

My main characters aren't even named yet. I've got a general sense of their experiences, their demeanors. I know we'll be working in third person, likely omniscient. The novel doesn't have a title yet, but that's nothing new.

Are you camping in July? What have you got planned?


  1. I will never "camp." But I confess I wondered if you've been spying on me when I saw your title. I thought about querying today, decided I needed to reorganize my notes on queries already sent first...and that's as far as I got. But I'm fixin' to get ready. :D

    Good luck with the new fantasy!

    1. Camp isn't for everybody, I do believe that firmly. There are times it isn't for me, either. The last time I tried to do two full 50k's, for both camp sessions, the second one failed to launch. I've got the workshop I'm running to keep me going, though; gotta lead by example.

      Hey, query planning takes a lot longer than novel planning, I'd say. More precise, and a different kind of organization and creativity. Thanks, and good luck with your query! ;)