Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This post has a title. And some content. Just a bit.

Well, I "created my novel" on the Camp NaNoWriMo webpage. I've got it named Untitled Fantasy Novel right now.

A couple of things I've been looking at, worksheet-wise, in order to perhaps organize myself in order to actually write a freaking novel during July while running a once a week workshop at the library. As you well know, I'm unfamiliar with crazy traditional ideas like outlining, considering I've abandoned nearly every one I've ever started.

Story Idea Map

Writers Cheat Sheet

I've also got a file I just keep on my desktop called "ideas that went into fantasy novel" with phrases like "The Wasteland" (meaning T. S. Eliot's) and "Magic without MAGIC". Useful to me, anyway. I think maybe one day I'll enjoy pinning things to a wall or corkboard or whatever and then stringing them all together like brilliant minds do on cop shows and criminal movies and suchlike.

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