Saturday, July 12, 2014

Assorted Twitter and writing fun

Every once in awhile, people come up with pretty perfect things. They might be kind of simple, really. But perfect.

An example: The Worst Muse Twitter account. Pure fried gold. Go look! Tell your friends! Each tweet is damn funny, and also inspiring, in a good way. Perhaps in the worst way? No. Whatever. Writing is supposed to be fun, have fun. Play first, polish later.

Another (and this one got crashed one night because Neil Gaiman used it): You Are Carrying. You tweet the word "inventory" to is, and get an @ mention back with your, well, inventory. What you're carrying. This one is a Chuck Wendig prompt; we'll see if I can shoehorn that into my rife Camp NaNoWriMo schedule. My wordcount goal is still 50k, but we'll see if I get there or if I have to change it. I've been behind a couple of times in my still Untitled Fantasy Novel. I'm still having fun with the random name generators, though.

The Camp NaNoWriMo workshop I'm doing at the library is going well. I think only of my participants are actually doing a novel; most of them are people who really just want the time and motivation to write, and maybe some accountability. For the meetings, we've been doing a variety of writing prompts I come up with ahead of time. Some are the run of the mill "here are 5 words, write for five minutes" type, and others are based on stuff I spotted in the paper. A fun one this past week was "I've never bought ___________."

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