Friday, July 25, 2014

Progress reporting ~ July 2014

Hello!  Not much bloggery here this week. Ah well. It happens, right? Right.

So, I've lowered my expectations for this session of Camp NaNoWriMo. Too many other ideas, too much sickness and/or headache harshing my mellow, that kind of thing. I am not abandoning this fantasy novel, as I am enjoying it, and am fond of my main characters, but my new goal for July is 30k. Still an appreciable total. Less of a crunch. I'm at about 22k, so I feel much happier about that, more relaxed. Fantasy novels are supposed to be long anyway (loooong). Can't rush epic.

In other news, my writing workshop has gone well. The participants were less novel-y than I expected, but they got writing done, which was thrilling. They loved doing writing prompts during the sessions (one of the most amusing ones: Buying a crossbow with a 20% coupon from the newspaper), and they all wanted to read out loud, which was cool. I was rather laissez-faire, didn't want to force anybody into anything, and it resulted in a fairly open group with good dialogue. This week we brought 2-3 pages from home, working from one (or more) of four prompts I gave them at the end of the prior session, (I say "we", but I didn't bring pages), read them aloud, and did a bit of critiquing. I'm happy to say that, with every piece, I wanted to find out what happened next in the story.  And the smiles on peoples' faces when they heard that was terrifically rewarding.

This has gone well enough, in fact, that I'll be running another workshop in November, for the "real" National Novel Writing Month (also, NaNoWriMo is hiring a Chief Operations Officer. Apply by August 15!). I'll perhaps push for more of a cogent continuing work, as opposed to mostly doing prompts and prompt reading, but I'm happy to play the hand I'm given. We also talked about publishing, more than I'd anticipated, and I was happy to realize how much I'd learned, from the Query Shark and also from Absolute Write. I am not a lawyer, and I''m not a "real" expert or professional, but I can talk the talk well enough, and tried to direct them appropriately to good resources. We talked about rights, and submissions, and shot story markets today, which was cool.

So how about you? How was your July writing, be it for Camp NaNoWriMo or otherwise?


  1. I'm at 51K on mine. And it feels epic for me, even though it's only a YA Mystery. I'm trying to reach 60K, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not.

    That's good you have writing workshops and Absolute Write is awesome. Thanks for posting.

    1. 51k, that's awesome!

      YA mystery is actually pretty popular at my library. The kids who read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and stuff like continuing along that progression, and there's A LOT of paranormal/supernatural books that are coming out.

      Thanks for reading!