Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A collection of thoughts, mostly to do with writing

Remember how in the 90's, Old Navy had those awesome cargo pants? They still do for men. For the ladies, they have a single pair of skinny cargo pants. I don't even.  I was so incensed by this, I took to Twitter last night and inadvertently did a Ginsberg's "America" mashup, with Old Navy and cargo pants replacing key words. Because I wore my cargo pants until the zipper disintegrated on a school trip and never got a new pair and I wish I did. They were low rise (I think) and had relaxed legs that were also perhaps flared or boot cut? They were baggy without being too terribly baggy. And I miss them.

"Old Navy, I feel sentimental about Nirvana./Old Navy I used to be into cargo pants when I was a kid and I'm not sorry."

Obviously, I'm not going to rewrite the whole poem, as that would just be taking it too far. Probably. Also, I appreciate that Old Navy seems to think literally everybody should wear skinny jeans, but I'm not taking that bait.

In other news, I'm wondering if I email the MGM Grand in Detroit, they'll tell me what kind of music they play in the lobby. I'm sure they'd give me some sort of reply, anyway, but it's hard to tell without actually being in the situation. Phrasing is important, I'm sure. Kind of "Hi, I'm a writer...."

Also. I'm thinking of withdrawing my Angry Robot open door submission. Not because Angry Robot did anything wrong, definitely not. I knew it would take them a long time to get through the open doors. I also know that they've had some restructuring and closed an imprint (two imprints? I don't remember) and so the open door is probably even lower on the list now. And Janet Reid cautions that agents are probably not interested if a project is already started in that manner (seen by editors). She generally gives what I understand to be solid advice. And oh yeah, because Learn to Howl is book one in a trilogy, but books two and three aren't written yet (well, The Wolf You Feed is mostly hashed out, at least. Book Three is not). So I'm thinking of emailing them to withdraw, as my submission does not show up in Submittable, as I subbed it after they reached their Submittable limit.

Also, wrote part of a flash piece (the dialogue parts. I'll fill in the rest later). Also made progress with  making magic earlier in The Last Song. And....I guess that's it!


  1. I think you should do what feels right to you regarding the submission; it sounds like your reasons are valid.
    I miss cargo pants too; I still have a very battered pair that I refuse to throw out because they're still comfortable. And I hate skinny pants too; it makes me miss the 90s, when baggy clothes were fashionable.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I go around in circles trying to reason something out, and opinions from outside my head are really helpful.

      I really miss the 90's! It seemed like so much great stuff was going on, baggy clothes certainly among them.