Friday, September 19, 2014

Playing Dress Up

I still haven't made any kind of headway on which novel to work on next, what to title my newest short story, etc. It's that time in my writing cycle, I guess, where ideas are fomenting and I just need to leave the lid on. Interestingly, a literary agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency put up a blog post which kind of helps me in this regard: Productive Procrastination. I guess I am technically procrastinating, as I can just sit down and squeeze the words out, whether they want to come or not. But instead, I'll do some side "sketches", as it were.

See, every once in awhile I remember Polyvore and how cool I thought it was when I found it. Look, you can create outfits for your characters! Endless applications! (well, maybe not endless, but as many applications as there are characters, anyway).  So I've played "dress up" with a couple of my characters.

Oh yeah, and I've been sick all week, as a further excuse.

This first set is for the currently named Harper, main character of Esto Quod Es.

And this set, though full of clothing more expensive than she'd pay for, is for Morgan, one of the main characters in Learn to Howl.


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