Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Almost Done....

Only a few days left in October Madness (October Insanity? October "for the love of God, somebody publish my stories"?) I've gotten two rejections in the last two weeks, one on teh 23 and one on the 28. Those stories have gone back to the end of the queue.

I've submitted a story to The Book Smugglers, because they're doing short stories now and holy shit was the first one amazing. Go read it now, it's called "Hunting Monsters" and is by S. L. Huang.

I've sent stories to Fantasy Scroll Magazine, The Stoneslide Corrective (where my friend Libby has some stories published, and just recently won a contest), Lakeside Circus, Daily Science Fiction, and The Virginia Quarterly Review.

I've edited, finished, and written from scratch a number of stories this month (two of my submissions were 100 word flash for Janet Reid contests). I'll have a more full report next week, after it's all over and after NaNoWriMo has begun. I feel like I've done quite a nice job keeping myself from overthinking my NaNoWriMo project (though man, Space keeps intruding. I need to write a space novel soon. But not this month. I don't think. Maybe it'll ambush me anyway.)

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