Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Don't be that creeper

Not too long ago, I mentioned in a post about submissions and rejections that a writer is never to engage. Don't reply to the rejection. Don't reply to your reviews (should you be lucky enough to have reviews). Don't do it.

No idea what this is from. I lazy and found it here in an image search

Well. Some people just can't help themselves apparently. I mean, it must be hard, if you feel the information disseminated is just plain incorrect. I get that. I have "Pick me! Pick me! I know the right answer!" syndrome, as my coworkers can attest. But seriously? Leave your reviewers alone. Leave your Twitter followers alone. Writers make jokes about "Twitter stalking" agents to make sure they're the right ones to submit to, but when I say something like that, Twitter and, say, interviews and blogs is where it stops. I don't look for peoples' addresses. I don't check their accounts across social media, combing forum posts for meaning. I mean, in some cases, it makes sense to. Some agents put themselves out there, socially and factually, in venues authors frequent.

But sometimes people take it too far. More than "I follow you on Twitter and Facebook", but more like "I confronted you at your car" or, in the article everybody is talking about's case, "I went to the house I thought was yours." Because....reasons. Not okay, folks. Never okay.

(and oh yeah, it isn't the first time the aforelinked person tracked somebody down who had wronged her and did something inappropriate. And then wrote about it because...reasons)


  1. I read that article and I thought it was really interesting. That "Blythe Harris" sounds like a troll; I think what she really wanted was a fight. That's what trolls want; that is, they make inflammatory comments to provoke people into fighting with them, because they enjoy hurting other people and they like the attention. That's why other people say to just ignore them and "don't feed the troll".

    1. Yup. Don't feed the trolls. And don't go to peoples' freaking houses. Not trolling is perhaps too much to ask for?