Monday, October 6, 2014

Writer Goals

Ava Jae posted a Writer Bucket List Challenge over on Writability last week (go check out her list). Frankly, I'd never heard the term "bucket list" until that Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie came out, and I really don't like the term. I'm unable to face my own mortality with so cavalier a phrase as "kicked the bucket" (which is what I'm assuming it's derived from. I haven't seen it).

But, goals are good and goal setting can be very motivating. Besides, blog advice posts always tell you people love list posts. And it's interesting to lay out your goals sometimes, take stock, so I figured what the hell.

(here's some Elka, for further motivation or atmosphere or something.)

So, Ava started with "get an agent", but at this point, my starting goals are still even more basic.

1. Get a story published
2. Get an agent
3. Get a publishing contract
4. LOVE my book covers
5. Go on a book tour
6. If I get a book tour, I'd like to also be able to go to a NASA launch, even if  not all my books are space related.
7. If I get a book tour, I'd like some of the tour stops to benefit dog adoptions at local rescues (local Doberman rescues make that even better!), even if not all my books are dog or Doberman related.
8. Do a reading at my alma mater.
9. Do a reading at my library of employment
10. See my book in the library system, checked out by the patrons I'm helping (and oh, think how hard it would be to keep my mouth shut! "Oh, that's MY book!")
11. Go to a writing conference
12. Go to a writing retreat
13. Be a writer in residence at my alma mater (this, I'm not sure how much I want, but it sounds cool, n'est-ce pas?)
14. Have foreign rights sold for one of my books and see it in French, or Polish, or Spanish or whatever.
15. Be able to support myself with my writing.
16. Be able to support myself with my writing such that I can get a fantastic and frivolous summer car, like a Tesla.

Okay, and now my October Madness report:
Since Friday's update, I subbed a 100 word flash piece to Janet Reid's blog contest, sent a story to Agni (one of my writing professors referred me), and today subbed a story to Fireside.

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