Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Some submission updates

NaNoWriMo or not, I guess it's best to at least give you updates on my October Madness submissions.

I got a personal rejection on Saturday

Additionally, I got three rejections on Monday, two form one personalized. The personalized one kind of stung, because it was on a story which had been held for further consideration. The other two....well, I say they're form, because that's my rule of thumb. If I'm confused at all, it must be form. Some forms just seem nicer and less "canned" than others.

Truth be told, though rejection sucks, I'm glad I know now. One of those form rejections was from a story I submitted long before October Madness, back in August! Of course, lots of magazines take even longer than that. The slush pile (though mostly electronic by now, and not actually a literal toppling pile of mail) can be very deep indeed in other well-known magazines I'm waiting to hear from, like Tin House, or Agni, or Asimov's Science Fiction.

I do have one more story I've been notified has been held for further consideration, so fingers still crossed on that one. The others, I'm trying to be more relaxed about. I'll hear when I hear...though obviously I hope for it to be sooner rather than later!

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