Monday, November 17, 2014

So...what's your book about?

You know what question I hate? "What is your book about?"  People ask me, and I'm all

Or I'm lying, because hardly anybody ever asks me quite like that. Maybe once I start being able to say "My book is coming out in ____" is when I'll get it more. And I'll have a pat answer by then, having gone through the crucible of agent querying and come out the other side.

But people do ask "what kind of things do you write?"
And I'm like "Oh, genre fiction. Urban fantasy, mostly. That's the easiest category to say." And they go

Because zomg, genre fiction, amiright?

And then I think, "one day, my grandmother will read my book, because I wrote it and she loves me. What is she going to think of my heroin-addicted rock star Orpheus? What is she going to think of my occult Catholic bikers?"

And I have to not censor. I have to not censor. My grandmother is a grownup. My family members are grown ups. They have read grown up things. They can handle it. But it's there, niggling, when I send a story out to a magazine. When I work on a novel. What will my family think? I hope they, at least, like it. Then I hope that if they don't like it they'll tell me. Same with my friends. Did they read it? Did they hate it and stop? Argh.

But, in October Madness news, had another form rejection on Saturday (which apologized for being a form rejection. It's okay, Fireside. I'll try again). In NaNoWriMo news, we're past the halfway mark. How are you doing?


  1. The animated gifs say it all! lol

    You are farther than me. I'm still stuck on my chapter 14 and have been for over a year!!

    1. I do dearly love .gifs, and come across quite the treasure trove of them in my Internet travels. It is with great restraint that I don't .gif post all the live long day!

      Aw man, being stuck is terrible :( I've been there, definitely, just stopped writing in the middle of something and never knew how to/never quite continued.