Monday, December 8, 2014

Collecting my thoughts

Took kind of a break there. It's typically needed, after NaNoWriMo. After running a library program for NaNoWriMo (today was the last day for that). The decompression is good. Perhaps a bit of self congratulation for writing every day (pretty much) for the month. After a month of submitting stories every day.

I won't say something silly like "I'm not even thinking about writing right now", because I am.  I should write November's novel to The End, which I didn't reach by the 30th, though I did reach the 50k words.

Instead, interestingly, what I'm thinking of is last year's November novel. How I should write an outline without re-reading it first, and then re-read what I've got and write that new draft to The End. Thinking about the things I could add, the things I could change (making it modern is likely the biggest change I'm thinking of, vs. the 1979 I did originally), what I'm trying to say with it.

I've said before that my intent is to make my novels take place in the same world. It doesn't mean I'm going to be discussing the characters back and forth every time, but rather that the rules are the same. I've decided no vampires, so it's highly unlikely you're going to see a vampire novel from me. Shorts maybe, someday. Or second world vampires.

But, I digress.

So, same world. Characters might reference, say, the band the main character from The Last Song is in. Or perhaps mention in passing a large event that occurs. Maybe it's more like "easter eggs" for those familiar with my "mythos". Maybe it's yet another layer of references that only I'll get, but right now, I have the freedom to write whatever I want anyway, so I might as well, right?

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